Police and Parapublic

National Trading & Supplies LLC – NTS is a women owned companybased in Oman, providing complete support solutions to the defense and military sector. We are a here to provide support and assistance for those involved Police and Parapublic operations by providing products, training and consultancy as and when required.

Training With Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

As a security management firm with considerable experiencein Police andParapublicoperations, we deliver life training support and guidance on technical and operational issues in varied specializations.

  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Wireless Communications

We have highly specialized trained professionalsthat include former law enforcement officers, military personnel, security specialists, and consultants. They have hands-on experience and expertise in Command and Control training systems, and Air to Ground training systems, and Joint training systems.

These highly sophisticated training systems offer learners the opportunity to deal with a realistic emergency, and to focus to a more integrated approach to safety management.

With us, you can expect

  • Informative and inspirational training
  • Scenario based training opportunities
  • The very latest regulatory-based information
  • Practical advice on how to apply new skills and competencies

Apart from providing scenario based training opportunities, we provide training in all roles, crew positions and logistics support, compliance monitoring skills, safety risk management – all that are tailored to your individual requirements.

Working To Promote Our Allied OEM’S Products and Solutions

The company has a strong footprint in Oman, and enjoys a reputation for the excellence of its allied OEM products. We provide a range of products for the police and parapublic sectors. Our product portfolio covers Aircraft Tractors, Aircondition Unit, VVIP Ambulift, Ground Power Unit(Gpu),Baggage Tractor,Conveyor Belt Loader, and more.

Our commitment is advance best practice, guide, and manage safety through our consulting, training and services. For more information on our Training Courses or to learn about the different products we offer, call us today.