Maritime Training

Since our establishment in Oman, National Trading & Supplies LLC has provided industry leading support solutions for the military and defense industry. Apart from providing products that meet our customers’ training and readiness objectives, National Trading & Supplies LLC provides a comprehensive range of turnkey maritime training solutions that are critical for national security and mission success.

Comprehensive Maritime Training Solutions

Our team includes former Royal Navy personnel,marine defence professionals with both military and civilian maritime defence experience.Our teams are trained in an array of training techniques and have hands on experience in all of the maritime roles including

  • Surface
  • Sub-Surface
  • Air

Their experience covers embarked operations as well as shore based and land based maritime domains.

We offer courses including, but not limited to:

  • Littoral Combat Ship Game-Based Training Courseware
  • Littoral Combat Ship Mission Bay Trainer
  • Maritime Border Protection
  • Customs and Immigration

With our training programs, you can expect

  • A good understanding of maritime operations and technology
  • Awareness on how to enhance capability and operational effectiveness through equipment procurement
  • Required skills and education for taking leadership management in a wide range of maritime activities
  • A good understanding to dramatically improve learning, retention and performance in maritime domains

Moreover, we offer specific language training to ensure successful, clear communications to enhance safety across the full spectrum of critical missions.

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