Aviation Training

In today’s asymmetric defense environment, it is important to integrate advanced technologies and training methodologies to enhance existing skill sets and to improve military capabilities to meet future mission needs. NTS (National Trading & Supplies LLC) based in Oman focuses on providing innovative training and command and control systems, and next-generation aircraft to help you achieve your performance targets.

Special Products

  • Aircraft Docking Station
  • Aircondition Unit
  • Aircraft Tractor and more

Deliver Effective and Outstanding Training Solutions

Partnering with defense and military clients, we work to deliver effective and outstanding training outcomes.

Our team has been providing a range of rotary wing, fixedwing and advanced military flight training. Our team includes personnel trained at the prestigious Central Flying School (CFS). They possess years of military experience and haveoperationalcompetence and training capabilities in:

  • Multi Engine
  • Rotary Wing
  • Aviation technical
  • Flying instructor

Training Capabilities

  • Offers operational training of air defence systems and technical mission solutions
  • Offers advice on capability enhancement and new equipment provision
  • Delivers bespoke training for clients at a number of locations
  • Instructor training in diverse flying disciplines
  • Offers advice on capability enhancement and to develop existing skill sets
  • Provides training in all aviation support roles including
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Engineering
  • Equipment

Whatever may be your requirement, we can provide solutions to meet the need for enhanced operational capabilities.

For enquiries, call us today. We are here to support all your needs.