About Us

National Trading & Supplies LLC (NTS) is a specialized woman owned business based in Muscat, Oman, focused on delivering complete support solutions to the defense and military sector in Oman.We understand the importance of meeting the mission critical tasks such as critical search and rescue and law enforcement missions to support the Oman population. Apart from providing allied OEM products, we ensure optimum competence through specific training support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading local company in the defense and military sector working to promote our allied OEMs products and solutions. To help clients meet their mission critical needs for safety, efficiency, we provide our customers with products, life training support, and consultancy to enhance capability and maximize efficiency.

Our Mission

As a leading supplier and industrial partner in defense and military security, National Trading Services offer a wide range of products, life training programs and services, for military and defense security needs.

We value our clients as business partners, and aims to carry out our set missions sincerely, honestly, with the right quality and with transparency

Our team

It is important to maintain strong relationships for long-term success. Recognizing this fact, we developed a customer centric strategy to meet your requirements. We believe in teamwork, and as a team, we deliver our customers with quality services and support they deserve. Our team of staff will be available

Best Products, Best Value

We provide only the best products on the market. Our product portfolio encompasses equipment and including Aircraft Tractors, Aircondition Unit, VVIP Ambulift, Ground Power Unit(Gpu),Baggage Tractor,Conveyor Belt Loader, and more. – all from top brands.

Turnkey Life Training Support

We provide turnkey training services and support to clients in a variety of highly specialized disciplines – Military, Aviation, Army, Police Parapublic sectors, and more.

Our Commitment

Whatever may be your requirement, NTS will provide support possible to be the right integrator between our valuable customers and industry partners. We continue to develop new services and products, so feel free to contact us for assistance and support.