Bridgeway Pro-Barriers are manufactured from galvanised coated, weld-mesh to European
Standard. Like all components used in the Pro-Barrier range, the weld-mesh is manufactured
in ISO9001 certified facilities, guaranteeing a long life product.

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Each barrier is then lined with a heavy duty non-woven geotextile that is specially manufactured with a high UV resistance for Bridgeway Pro-Barriers. This textile has been tested to withstand the toughest of environmental conditions.

Bridgeway Pro-Barrier has been tested for durability, stackability and blast attack. It has passed the PAS68 N3 impact collision test, equivalent to the K12 USstandard. Also it has passed assessment by QinetiQ UKrelating to the STANAG2280 classification structure.

PRO-BARRIERS-4Passing the PAS 68 N3 Impact
Collision Test
PRO-BARRIERS-3Ideal solution fur protecting against blast attack
PRO-BARRIERS-2Aerial view. when passing the PAS 68 N32010