Meet the growing requirements of the next-generation airports and aircraft by purchasing 180CU20 – Hobart Ground Power Unit. Integrating the best in technology and power &efficient design, the GSE Hobart engine-driven product 180CU20 can be trusted to meet your demands.

  • Make: HOBART
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MODEL: 180CU20


This model offers an innovative cooling system, which is designed to operate within the engine installation requirements to meet all engine emission standards. The digital “SENTRY” control system provides a comprehensive approach to GPU control, trouble shooting and service tracking. Its low profile design, and 5th wheel steering offers superior visibility and maneuverability.Hobart dual bearing generator offers long life and reliability.

180CU20 Length Height Width Weight
180 kVA – 180CU20 162” (4115 mm) 90” (2286 mm) 79” (2006 mm) 7,500 lbs. (3,402 kg)*

Performance Features:

  • Large stainless steel fuel tank with 10 hour run time
  • Low fuel warning and shutdown
  • Emergency stop shutdown
  • Delayed stop for turbo protection
  • Numbered, color-coded wiring
  • Superior frequency & voltage regulation
  • Towbar activated braking system
  • Lift-off doors and removable panels provide complete access to engine, generator and control compartments
  • Lost neutral detection
  • Dual 400Hz outputs for wide body aircraft support


  • Unit operating light
  • Low fuel beacon
  • Clearance lights
  • Block heater
  • Battery blanket
  • CE Marking / Certification
  • Cable tray rollers
  • AC output cables – 2 each (specify length)
  • 5 VDC Transformer-Rectifier (600 A continuous, 2000 A peak)
  • DC output cable (with 28.5 VDC option – specify length)
  • Tie down rings
  • Forklift pockets
  • Fixed mounting
  • Wheel chocks