Most widely used belt loader, TUG 660 belt loader ensures years of flawless service in the most demanding ramp applications. its outstanding reliability, durability, and various engine options make this model the popular belt loader on the ramp.

  • Make: TUGTECH – USA
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MODEL: 660


The central mounted conveyor is elevated at both ends by lift arms that are activated by single-stage, double-acting cylinders.The TUG 660 is offered in diesel, gas, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Petroleum (LP), and Electric (660E).

  • The front of the conveyor operates at heights between 40 and 170 inches (1.02 and 4.32 m)
  • The height at the rear of the unit can be adjusted between 13 and 37 inches (0.33 and 0.94 m)

Standard Features

  • Recessed LED headlights
  • Combination LED tail and stop lights
  • LED back-up lights
  • Automatic transmission
  • All hydraulic hoses rated at 2250 psi
  • Non-slip surface on fenders

Optional Features

  • Electric belt control
  • Fuel gauge on instrument panel
  • Guard rails
  • Adjustable LED spot light
  • Narrow conveyor width for Boeing 777 compatibility—31.5” (800.1 mm)
  • Emergency stop to kill engine, conveyor belt, or both